Shingle Roof Installation and Replacement

Shingle Roof Installation

A professional from A & E Brothers Roofing installs roof shingles

Experts in Shingle Roof Installation


A high-quality roof does more than make your home look beautiful. It’s also the main defense against moisture problems and structural damage. South Florida weather isn’t easy on roofs, with intense sunlight, high humidity, salty sea air, and strong storms.


The solution is to choose professional installation and durable roofing materials that are rated for Miami-Dade weather. At A&E Brothers Roofing, we’re experts in shingle roof installation, roofing repairs, and complete roof replacement. We do custom-professional work and help you stay within your budget for roofing projects.

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Durable Protection and Style for South Florida Homes


Shingle roofs provide many benefits for homes in Miami, FL. To get the most out of your investment, you need professional installation. Here’s why:


  • Excellent weather resistance: South Florida sees more than its fair share of extreme weather. Your home, family, and possessions depend on having the best roof possible.
  • Proper ventilation: Florida homes need plenty of ventilation to dry the underlying structures. Choosing expert roofing contractors can prevent moisture problems down the road.
  • Leak prevention: A new shingle roof that is correctly installed can last decades. Our high-quality products provide excellent strength and durability.
  • Beauty: There are many types of shingles you can choose from. We know how to install every style imaginable, so your home looks just like what you picture.

Attractive Shingle Roof Options for Homeowners


When is a shingle roof the right choice in South Florida? Many homes in and around Miami have shingle roofs. If you have an older home, there’s a good chance it has a shingle roof. We can replace it with a newer roofing product that is more durable and attractive.


A high-quality, professionally installed roof keeps your home protected against the elements for ages. You can expect an asphalt shingle roof in Miami to last 20 years or more with proper care. There are several options for thickness and durability. Some roofing materials even help with energy efficiency.


Today’s shingle roofs are available in many colors, giving you the freedom to decide your customize your home’s exterior appearance completely. Choose from shades of blue, red, gray, green, brown, and other colors.

Roofing Contractors, You Can Trust for Lasting Results


Few things are as crucial for your home’s structure as a properly installed roof. Choose roofing contractors with a reputation for high-quality service. At A&E Brothers Roofing, we have an average score of 4.9 stars on Google because of our focus on top-quality work!


We’re GAF Certified, which means we provide top roofing products installed with the best methods. We’re also fully licensed, bonded, and insured.


Here’s what our customers are saying:


Eddy and his team are excellent. I wouldn’t trust another roofer in South Florida. When you hire A&E Roofing, you pay for honesty, quality, and a roof you can count on.” – Oscar M. – Miami, FL


Best roofing company in Miami!” – Said WM.


⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐⭐


The workmanship is excellent. They are courteous, respectful, reliable; they explained the work that was needed, and they provided all that the insurance company has requested.” – Alma M.


⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐


This company has a lot of good reviews, and that’s why I tried them out. I was NOT disappointed. They came out on time and fixed the problem quickly and efficiently. I no longer have a leaky roof. The people at the office are very courteous and responsive as well.” – Christopher C.

Emergency Roofing Services


Is your roof leaking? Call us right away for emergency roofing services. If the problem is limited to a small area, we can often solve the issue with minor roof repairs. In the case of extensive damage, it’s a good idea to replace the roof.


We’re available to help whenever you need us. We work quickly and expertly to protect your home ASAP.

Our Shingle Roof Installation Process


What can you expect during a roofing project? First, we will talk with you about the type of roof you want and provide a free estimate. Here’s what comes next:


  • Inspecting your roof
  • Removing and disposing of old roofing materials
  • Checking roof base and repairing damaged areas
  • Preparing the surface and installing drip edge
  • Laying out moisture barriers and sealing roof penetrations
  • Installing roof shingles
  • Cleaning up the worksite
  • Performing a final walkthrough

The Shingle Roof Installation Professionals in South Florida


Choose expert shingle roof installation services for your home. At A&E Brothers Roofing, we’re friendly and professional. We treat you with respect and finish roofing projects on time. Contact us right away to schedule an appointment or for more information.


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Our Customers Love Us!


“I am extremely satisfied with my experience with A&E Brothers Roofing and highly recommend them. Everyone —— the team in the office, the crew that worked on our property, the owners of the company —— was extremely responsive, professional and caring. This is a company that takes pride in quality work and offers a very high level of customer service. Thank you A&E Brothers Roofing for a job well done!”
– Robin R.


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