HOAs, Condos, and Associations

We Simplify the Process

For over two decades, A&E Brothers has provided curated roofing services for over 50 major associations throughout south Florida. This has become a focus area of our company, and we have built procedures and best-practices around working with associations.

Our depth of experience gives us a unique insight into the pressures on boards, property managers, and homeowners when undertaking a construction project. We have created a customized offering that simplifies the process for all stakeholders in the project, and builds comfort for everyone involved. No association project is the same, and we strive to create a customized project plan to reflect your needs. 

“When we needed a roof for 32 homes in our community we looked around and asked many questions and had many meetings with different contractors.

We decided to hire A&E Brothers and they have done a great job.

Like every situation there are permits, tiles, weather and hundreds of reasons why this engagement can go wrong but A&E Brothers handled every situation. Managed and surpassed expectation.

We have a few more homes still being done but to date it has been a great experience. Congratulations to all of you for a job well done”.

– Fabio Galoppi

Our HOA Roofing Process

Estimation Phase

  • Presentations to boards and homeowners
  • Tile and material curation to ensure that options meet the bylaws and building codes
  • In-person estimation to understand site access
  • Referrals and detailed timelines as required by the HOA
  • Individual letters or emails to residents explaining the requirements of a roofing projects. We have found that advance notice of any debris, noise, or traffic blockages helps get ahead of any issues during the project phase.

Pre-construction Phase

  • Fully in-house permitting process led by a three person team and led by a qualified architect
  • Confirmation of material choices to comply with building code requirements and association bylaws
  • Regular communication to ensure residents have sufficient notice for project start dates.

Project Phase

  • Dedicated project manager available to all association members for the duration of the project
  • Full 18-person office staff avaialbe to discuss any adminsitrative needs
  • Customized homeowner plans
  • Regular communication to ensure residents have suffeient notice

Post-project Phase

  • All documents including final inspections, releases, and warranties will be provided to all required stakeholders

Things to consider for property managers and associations:


Will each building require a permit or will permitting be conducted on an association-wide basis

Material by-law requirements

Is the roofing material still produced? Will individual units have choices?

Special requirements for individual residents

Who will be travelling? who has special accessibility needs? does someone want to sell earlier?

Insurance requirements and timelines


In certain cases where individual homeowners are not paying directly for their unit, it can be challenging for associations to finance their projects. While A&E does not directly offer financing (we stick to roofing, not banking!), we have access to several who trust our work. We are delighted to make introductions when needed. Please reach out to our office to learn more about association financing.

Recent Work

We offer a full range of roofing services across materials. Our scale and reputation for delivering quality means that we can access rare and hard-to-find materials while offering the strongest labor and material warranties in the industry.

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