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Roof Seal Coating. Are you restoring or updating your commercial property in South Florida? You can enjoy quality preventative maintenance with flat roof seal coating services by A&E Brothers Roofing, a roof coating contractor in Miami, FL. Explore our services, our expertise, and the benefits of working with our team to keep your commercial property safe and operating efficiently.

Flat Roof Seal Coating Options

The best roof coating for flat roof buildings prevents leaks, reflects solar heat, and improves your roofing material’s lifespan. The best roof coating for your specific building depends on the existing roof material. Improper coating materials won’t offer the same results, and it takes an expert to coat your entire roof surface properly.

At A & E Brothers Roofing, we carefully inspect your building before making any coating recommendations. We offer roof seal coating services for asphalt, modified bitumen, metal, and single-ply roofs, whether flat or sloped. This ensures you receive the preventative maintenance you need, regardless of your existing roof.

As we inspect your roof, we may advise commercial roof repair services. Patches, flashing repair, and other services allow you to get the most out of your new roof coating. If your roof has reached its end, we recommend a complete commercial roof replacement service. This may be more of an investment, but it ensures leak-free protection with continued, minor maintenance.

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Reflective and Waterproof Coatings

A reflective roof absorbs less heat from the sun. In South Florida, this means significantly reduced air conditioning costs. Some coatings offer up to 20% reduced AC costs, so a flat roof coating service can be an excellent investment. Here are three basic reflective options for your roof:

Reinforced ply

This acrylic roof coating includes embedded fabric for improved protection. The added strength prevents cracks and leaks.

Coatings for metal roofs

Metal roofing is the longest-lasting roofing material available, but rust and corrosion can reduce this reliable material’s lifetime. A metal roof coat prevents rust and seals any leaks around fasteners and flashing.

Elastomeric coatings

This flexible option offers less cracking and breaking than other roof coat materials. A weatherproof, waterproof barrier keeps you happy and dry inside your commercial building.


Waterproof roof coating reduces the repair costs of your commercial building. Too often, a leaking roof isn’t noticed until there is interior damage. Spots on your ceilings, water in your walls, and other issues result in higher repair bills, so work with our team to receive the latest flat roof coatings before your roof starts leaking.

Benefits of Roof Coating Services

The best flat roof coating is an excellent investment in your building. Roof leaks account for a significant amount of interior repair costs for a commercial building. A roof that isn’t properly reflective can increase your utility bills and overwork your air conditioner. As a local flat roof sealer team, our team at A & E Brothers Roofing understands the local climate and the need for a sealed, reflective roof.

Ask about specific coating materials that meet Energy Star energy efficiency guidelines for reflecting heat and keeping your energy bills low. These materials are uniquely designed to keep your HVAC costs lower, resulting in a better investment.

Why Choose A & E Brothers Roofing in South Florida

When you need APOC roof coating or another high-quality coating material, turn to the area’s best roof coating experts. A & E Brothers Roofing is committed to on-time, on-budget roofing services. Work with our family-owned business to enjoy the best roof coating for ponding water, leaking roofs, and high energy bills. Check out our flat roof coating reviews to see what customers are saying about our reliable services and affordable rates.

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Contact us to request commercial roof coatings, roof repairs, or other services to protect your investment. An industry-leading roof seal coating material can make the difference between a well-maintained roof and a costly, leaking building. Don’t just coat your commercial roof, but work with a roofing leader in inspection,  maintenance, and replacement.

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