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How Much Does Spray Foam Roofing Cost?

How Much Does Spray Foam Roofing Cost?

Most homeowners opt for a high-quality foam roofing system for roof repairs and insulation. Thus, foam roofing has been a popular strategy in Miami, Florida, for decades because of its significant benefits.

Spray foam is formed by combining a mixture of Isocyanate and Polyol, which is then applied to your roofing. The mixture produces a longer-lasting, more thermally resistant foam roof suited for your roofing once it has dried. These are just a few advantages that can get you curious about foam roofing costs.

This article will primarily help you understand what foam roofing is and what spray foam roofing costs.

What is Foam Roofing?

Foam roofing is a waterproofing roofing system that seals the roof against leaks. It mainly consists of three parts, granules, spray polyurethane foam, and silicone coating created by combining and heating Isocyanate and Polyol. These chemicals are pumped from a truck, transferred through a heated hose, and sprayed onto an existing roof.

Generally, spray foam has a 30x size increase, attaining a height of about 1.5 inches, which is then tailored to every roofing system to produce a slope that directs water towards drains.

Since spray foam is not UV-resistant, a thin layer of silicone coating is added to the foam in two separate coats. It is then embedded with granules for more strength and traction for walking.

Even though spray foam roofing has gained popularity recently, it has been used for residential, industrial, and commercial buildings for decades. With proper installation and repair, this roofing system can be suitable and have more than 50 years of lifespan.

Spray Foam for Roofing

Spray foam for roofing can be applied over an existing roof, but a clean surface is required for effective application. It must be dry and free of impurities, as with oil. A protective elastomeric coating is then applied to shield and seal your foam roofing against potential harm from the sun’s moisture, fire, and ultraviolet rays.

Spray foam roofs are substantially lighter than conventional roofing materials such as asphalt, which exerts less strain on the structure of your property. Additionally, it can avoid standing water, which is another issue with traditional roofing systems.

To ensure that you realize these benefits, we create areas of thicker foam while spraying to enable water to drain properly. This serves as a protection to prevent water buildup that can cause a roof to collapse.

Spray Foam Roofing Installation Cost

On average, spray foam roofing costs around $8,000 and $14,000, with the majority having to incur about $11,000 for a two-layered, medium density spray foam reinforced with a silicone coat and a sealant.

You can also get a one-layered, low-density spray foam with an acrylic coat for around$6,225. If you want a three-layered, high-density spray foam enhanced with a silicone cover and excellent sealer, then be ready to spend up to $20,250.

Spray foam roof costs start at about $8 per square foot based on manufacturer material costs, installation difficulties, R-value desired, desired warranty length, and the amount of wet insulation to be removed.

All these factors, among others, can lead to higher foam roofing costs above the threshold.

For instance, a larger roof will result in lower per-square-foot costs because of the variation that comes with safety setup and overhead costs for various roofs. Moreover, the cost of your roof will increase the more materials are used.

To cure and work correctly, spray foam must be put at a minimum thickness of 1″. Most roofs, however, need more than 1 inch of thickness.

Foam Roof Replacement Cost

Foam roof replacement cost ranges around $4.50 per square foot. Spray roofs usually last between 10 and 20 years, but with the best maintenance, they might last up to 50 years. We offer you a team of roofing experts who are skilled in determining whether your roof requires replacement or repair.

You will often see cracks and defects that can be fixed, but some signs indicate that replacement may be necessary.

Enhancement and Improvement Costs

Here is an outline of the possible amount you will have to spend on spray foam roofing enhancement and improvement.

  • Adding an extra foam layer costs between $0.50 and $1.50 per square foot. Foam roofs are white and lightweight, making them ideal for cutting energy expenses. Adding a layer of foam will make your roof thicker and more reflective.
  • Adding UV light protection: If you live in an area with a lot of sunshine, adding UV light protection is a great choice. However, the labor costs will range from $1.90 to $3.50 per square foot.
  • Roof underlayment installation cost: A roofing contractor may install an underlayment as part of the installation process to provide additional protection and prevent moisture from penetrating your foam roof. You will pay $3 to $6 per square foot for this service and installation fees.
  • The cost of applying roof sealant: You can also opt to prevent future leaks in your roof by applying roof sealant for about $0.45 to $2.50 per square foot.

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Miami Roof Installation Services You Can Trust

Spray foam roofing is an ideal solution for every homeowner. Make your home comfortable as you also reduce energy costs simultaneously.

A&E Brothers Roofing in Miami, FL, is the company to trust with your roofing expectations. We are highly equipped with a team of experts who are there to guarantee you quality and satisfaction. Contact us right away for fast and high-quality service.

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