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7 Benefits of Spray Foam on Your Roof

Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation

Directly spraying polyurethane foam on the nethermost part of a roof layer has grown to be a popular roof insulation method. Since the beginning of spray foam, it has had outstanding benefits such as a thermal barrier and cost-effective and durable foam for roofing.

Spray Foam on your roof provides you with many benefits besides making your home beautiful. Read on to find out the benefits of spray foam insulation.

What Exactly Is Foam Roofing?

Foam roofing is a roofing material made of foam plastic called Spray Polyurethane foam (SPF). SPF is a chemical combination of two materials, isocyanate and polyol resin. Isocyanate and polyol are fed into a spray gun, heated into a liquid, and pumped to the roof’s surface.

Upon landing on the surface, the foam shuts in tiny air bubbles as the chemicals expand up to 30 to 60 times their liquid volume, forming a robust and rigid matter. The high density and trapped bubbles give SPF the property to insulate the roof from cold and heat, which brings us to spray foam insulation benefits.

What Are The Benefits Of Foam Roofing?

Unlike most roofs, spray foam benefits go beyond protection. As a Miami, FL homeowner, having Spray Foam Roofing is like killing two birds with one stone. Check out the following benefits of spray foam:

Higher R-Value Means Lower Energy Bills

One of the benefits of spray foam installation is keeping energy bills low. R-value is the ability of a material used in insulation to resist the flow of heat. Therefore, a higher R-value means strong insulation, which can help you save up to 50% of home energy bills.

Polyurethane prevents thermal bypasses in and out of your building, keeping the room temperature and blocking atmospheric air. Among insulating materials, spray polyurethane records the highest R-value of 6.25.

Flexible Installation

Installing spray foam roofing is quick, and the process does not affect the daily running of activities in your building. Also, the foam can take up the shape of every roof, flat or pitched, and irregular shapes too. There is no need to rip off your roof when doing a replacement.

Incredible Waterproofing

One of the other benefits of spray foam insulation is the ability to block any water element due to the closed-cell of polyurethane. The only insulator that does not soak water is an ideal option for areas such as Miami and South Florida with high falls, such as during monsoon season.

The spray foam seamlessly fills up every hole and joint on your roof, preventing leaks.

Spray Foam Roofs Are Renewable

You can easily recoat your roof with polyurethane foam once the previous one seems to need a retouch. However, with the right amount and type of polyurethane used at installation, it may take up to twenty years before recoating your roof is necessary.

The coating can reduce its thickness in ten years from 20 to 30 mils to 7 to 10 mils. Spray foam should not be allowed to be too thin as it may allow UV light penetration.

Spray Foam Roofs Are Easy To Maintain

Maintaining a spray foam roof is pretty simple and less costly, as it only involves recoating on the existing layer. The recoating may take longer than thirty years before it needs a new recoating due to the long-lasting nature of spray foam material.

Inspection is normally completed when the weather is intense, and damage may be caused, mostly during spring and fall.

Durability To Challenge Florida Weather

Spray foam life cycle significantly benefits Miami and South Florida, residential homeowners due to extreme weather conditions that easily destroy other conventional roofing materials.

Spray foam’s closed-cell nature enables it to last as long as the life of the building. Its rigid nature can also withstand strong Florida winds.

Spray Foam Roofs Are Cost-Effective

The benefits of spray foam insulation match its installation cost. Although there exist less expensive conventional roofing systems, the rise in the disposal of their petroleum-based materials makes spray foam far less expensive.

With that, and its insulation value and durability, SPF pays off before even the warranty ends.

Miami Roof Installation Services You Can Trust

Your main concern can be to cut costs in installation fees or a roof that can be fully demolished to replace a new one when it wears out. However, we are here to assist with a flexible financing option to ensure that you enjoy the benefits of spray foam insulation.

If you are in Miami, FL, and South Florida areas and looking to replace or install a new roof, A&E Brothers Roofing is here to save you. We have a team of experts with over 50 combined years in the roofing industry. Visit us on our website or contact us for any roofing services.

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