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The Benefits of Having a Shake Roof

Choosing the type of roofing has become a big deal for homeowners. Your roof keeps watch over your commercial or residential place around the clock, so you want something that will offer dependable security while also being aesthetically pleasing.

Shake-style roofing was first popular in Colonial America when wood was abundant, making it the most used material for commercial and residential roofing. Wood shakes roofs are ultimate in protection and style and are far more than merely a decorative roofing material.

If you are looking for wood shake roofing for a new installation, roof replacement, or repair, A&E Brothers Roofing has laid out its benefits to help you weigh options and answer questions like, “what is a wood shake roof.” Here are the four benefits of a wood shake roof:

4 Benefits of Wood Shake Roofing

Wood shake roofing is popular because it has both practical and aesthetically pleasing advantages. It is highly durable and sturdy against the weather. It also produces a rustic aesthetic that many homeowners adore. Wood shake roof has several apparent benefits as a tried-and-true roofing material. They include:

Superior Insulation

Wood is naturally a good insulator, unlike other cool roof materials. Therefore, due to roof insulation properties, wood shake roofing will provide warmer winter interior temperatures and naturally cool your home in the hot summer months. They are worth considering for homeowners wishing to lower energy costs in their homes and surroundings.

Resistant Roofing Systems

Shake-style roofing thickness makes them resistant to ice and snow, which are common in Miami, FL. Wood shake roofs are cut in depth and weight, making them wind resistant, as long as they are correctly fastened during installation.

Wood shakes are susceptible to mold and pest damage. Your roof may get infested with bugs and mildew, which shortens the material’s lifespan. Woods like cedar are naturally resistant to pests and can add a great advantage to wood shake roofing.

Strong & Durable Roofing

Heavy hand split cedar shakes, also known as rich 3/4″ inch natural cedar shakes, are the most resilient sort of wood roofing material. The most vital kind of wood roofing is made of heavy hand-split cedar shakes, which provide the deepest level of protection from hail, UV rays, severe rain, and wind.

In addition, cedar is resistant to shrinkage and swelling even in humid conditions, thanks to its inert chemical composition. Other popular wood shake options are California redwood and Cypress.

Aesthetically- Pleasing Roofing Materials

Wood is naturally beautiful. Adding cedar shakes to your roof will give it a cozy, inviting feel. Additionally, the shakes will gradually deteriorate with time, giving your house a high-character, rustic appearance.

People frequently choose wood shakes for homes with wood siding, brick exteriors, or homes with stone exteriors since wood compliments these natural elements. Wood shakes look excellent regardless of the material used for your home’s exterior.

New Shake Roof Installation Financing

Wood shakes typically cost more than most roofing in terms of cost. That is because they are thicker, require more material, and wood shakes are typically more complex for a roofing contractor to install. As a homeowner, you can wonder if financing options exist for installing, replacing, or repairing a wood shake roof.

A&E Brothers Roofing partners with various financing partners such as Ygrene Financing to help you have fast, affordable financing with no down payment. We ensure that you have the flexibility and peace of mind you need to replace, install, or repair your roof. In most cases, obtaining funding is quick and straightforward, and few prerequisites are necessary.

Professional Shake Roof Installation in Miami & South Florida

A&B Brothers Roofing is your trusted shake roof installation company in Miami and South Florida. We not only provide the most aesthetically pleasing roofing materials but also do your wooden shake roof project promptly, effectively, and within your budget. Thus, we assist you in improving the appearance of your home and reducing costs because wooden roofs are stunning and strong, long-lasting, great insulators, and energy-efficient.

A&E Brothers Roofing in Miami, Florida, has been in the roofing business for over 50 years. Our commitment, integrity, and strong work ethics have been fundamental to the growth of our company in South Florida. You can rely on us to provide on-time, excellent service while staying within your budget. Our primary aim is to help you accomplish your roofing project effortlessly. Visit our website to find out more about our offerings, and contact us today if you need help with your roofing.

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