A leaking roof can be alarming since it can lead to several interior home issues that can quickly add up. For instance, if you fail to fix a leaky roof, you may have to arrange for the repair of a floor that has been damaged or even the replacement of wet attic insulation.

Therefore, it is crucial for any homeowner who wants to improve the durability and aesthetics of their homes to know how to fix roof leaks. While repairing a leaky roof might be labor-intensive, it is generally inexpensive and can significantly impact keeping your home’s value up.

Here is everything you need to know about a leaky roof and how to fix a roof leak.

How to Find Leak Roof

Finding the source of a leaky roof is more complicated and time-consuming than fixing it. Most of the time, water routinely leaks close to roof penetrations. You can find leaks by looking at penetrations like vents, chimneys, and dormers. The majority of leak signals, however, come from a few feet away from the real source, which can be to the left or right and may not be the exact source and location of the leak.

Start by using a flashlight to check the attic to see if there are any water strains, then follow them to the leak’s entry point to find it. Get on the roof and use a garden hose while getting someone to help keep an eye out for anything unusual.

Soak low on the roof after determining where the leak could be visible. Run water over the projection’s low side while someone inside the house watches for water droplets. If there aren’t any water droplets, try moving to the projection’s left or right side and sprinkling water there.

Repeat the process around the leak in several spots until your helper identifies the precise location to focus on. Ultimately, you will uncover a visible water drip indicating the leak’s site.

Common Roof Leaks Sources in South Florida

Roof leaks can result from various causes, especially if you live in a tropical area like South Florida. It is something that happens more frequently than you might think. Therefore, it’s essential that you know some of the frequent roof problems and how to fix roof leaks.

Plumbing Roof Vents and Roof Vents

Plumbing vent boots come in two-piece metal systems or all plastic. Always examine roof vents and plumbing vent boots to see if there’s a chance water could get in and damage your home. Your primary focus should be on any cracks in the broken seams of metal vent pipe flashing. The chance that the rubber gasket around the vent pipe may become broken and cause roof leaks is considerable.

To fix a plumbing vent boot, either replace it or fasten the base to the roof with washer-head roofing screws. Replacing defective roof vents is advisable to prevent water from penetrating the base.

Old Mounting Holes

Small nails from ancient vents or anything else that was once fastened to the roof can also let water in. Always check old mounting holes to prevent potential leaks. If there are any problems, try covering the nail holes with a piece of roof flashing by sliding it under the shingle. Apply roof cement to both its top and bottom edge.

Step Flashing

Step flashing is frequently found in chimneys and walls that cross shingle roofs. These roofs include small, overlapping L-shaped flashing portions positioned to direct water over the shingle. If one of the steps becomes loose or rusty, water may leak.

Replace the broken step flashing as soon as possible to protect your home from further damage. Once the new flashing is installed, use roofing cement to make repairs.

Dormers and Walls

Dormers provide walls and cracks in multiple places, allowing water to seep. Try digging out any crack that isn’t correctly sealed as you replace it with silicone caulk. Replace any missing or rotted siding above the step flashing on dormers.


Homes that are closer to trees are prone to roof surface damage. Falling debris can make visible holes in your roof. Therefore, it is recommendable that you seek help from a roofing professional to assist with roof leak repair.

When to Call A Pro for Roof Leaks In Miami

Fixing roof leaks may seem simple, but you have to remember that roof’s interwoven elements need professional coordination to avoid leaks. Besides, the tasks entail climbing and hauling, which can be challenging. Be sure to call A&E Brothers in Miami for roof maintenance if you feel unsafe about the task or are unsure about your ability to fix the leaky roof.

Professional & Reliable Roof Repair Services in Miami & South Florida

A&E Brothers Roofing can help if you’re unsure how to fix a roof leak. You can trust our company to deliver on time and within budget. We are a team of knowledgeable roofing specialists with more than 50 years of combined experience in the industry. Get in touch with us today to fix your roof leak. Also, you can get free estimates to help plan for your roofing project.

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