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Slate Roofing Installation: Synthetic vs. Natural Slate Roofing -Which is Best for Your Home?

Slate Roof Installation

Newly installed slate roofing

Slate Roof Installation. Slate roofing systems are the standard for most residential homes for a good reason. These roofs are sloped to prevent water pooling, which extends the overall lifespan of a roof and protects your home from water damage while keeping household energy bills under control. Sloped roofs come in a wide range of materials, including slate tile. Learn more about slate roof installation in Miami & South Florida with A&E Brothers Roofing company.

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    Slate is among the longest-lasting roofing options available on the modern market, and it has a unique visual appeal to offer any home. A & E Brothers Roofing specializes in slate roof installation, among many others, and has all the details you need to make an informed decision on whether slate is the right option for your home.

    What is Slate Roofing?


    Slate roofing has been around for quite a while but has become more common in recent years because of the quality and longevity it has to offer. At a glance, slate roofing might look like your everyday shingle setup. However, the tiles are made from thick, hard slate stone rather than cheap asphalt. The upgraded material not only keeps water out as well as other options but stands up to weather and handles environmental issues such as heat and ice more effectively.


    Slate tiles can be made from either natural or synthetic slate. Both of these slate types offer increased durability over other roofing options and bring a unique, natural look to your curb appeal that simply can’t be accomplished by other materials.


    There are many advantages to installing a natural slate roof or a synthetic slate roof, which explains why they’ve become a go-to roofing option for many homes in Miami.

    The Best Synthetic Slate Roofing


    Roofs made of natural slate are always desirable, but synthetic slate options are generally much more affordable. It’s estimated that a high-quality roof made of synthetic slate that perfectly matches the appearance and texture of natural slate can cost between 50 and 60 percent less than a roof made of natural materials. These synthetic materials are composite, which also means they’re lighter. However, lighter doesn’t mean less effective. Synthetic slate still handles the roofing challenges faced daily with ease, making it a perfect solution for homes throughout the area.


    Because it’s uncommon for manufacturers to produce slate roofs in this day and age, it’s essential to work with a team of professionals to find and explore all the options available for your home. We have access to the best synthetic slate materials at A & E Brothers Roofing and can walk you through the advantages of each selection, so you know exactly what you’re paying for.

    Benefits of Slate Roofing


    Both natural and synthetic slate roof tiles come with a wide range of advantages that you’d be hard-pressed to find with other types of roofing used throughout the Miami area. The most significant benefits you can expect to enjoy when you choose to invest in a slate roof for your home include:


      • A classy, natural appearance
      • The longevity of an incredible 150 years in some cases
      • Unparalleled fire resistance capabilities
      • Environmental friendliness


    The appearance of slate tile is the main selling point for many homeowners. They’re not only elegant but come in a wider variety than most other roofing options, offering a bigger selection of thicknesses and sizes to customize the look of a home. This is especially true for synthetic slate tiles.


    Another huge selling point is the longevity of roofs made from slate tiles. Slate is not only hard enough to stand up to the sometimes inclement weather that rolls across south Florida but is firm enough to withstand the searing summer heat without beginning to break down like other, less robust materials.


    If you trust a team of trained professionals to get the job done right, a slate roof should last well over a century, meaning you’ll likely never need another roof in your lifetime.


    Unlike some asphalt shingles and shaker wood shingles, slate doesn’t burn, which is why it’s among the most fire-resistant options available. Composite slate shingles are not as resistant to fire as natural slates but can be sealed and coated with specialized materials that boost their resistance to this element.


    Finally, slate roofing is much more environmentally friendly than most other roofing materials. Natural stone is exactly that: natural. Its production does not create or involve volatile organic compounds (VOCs) like asphalt shingles. Even synthetic shingles are generally recyclable, which cannot be said for most traditional shingles or some other options found in Miami homes.

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