Shake Roof Installation

Shake Roof with Brick Chimney

Are you seeking to revamp your Miami business or home with a stunning shingle roof? If so, a shake roof is your best option.

Roofing shakes are obtained from red cedar, which can withstand damage from water and insects. They are typically bright blonde and have a subtle reddish color, which tends to turn soft silvery gray within a few months.

Besides the aesthetic value, the shake roof offered by A&E Brothers Roofing in Miami also provides longevity to the integrity of your home. Hence, you will be able to save time and money because of the less frequent repair and maintenance.

Read on to learn more about wood shingles and why they are perfect for your home.

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Why Choose Wood Shingles?

Wood shingles and shakes have always been a great option for roofing materials for a variety of factors. For instance, they are essential to improving the home’s aesthetics, durability, and insulation from heat and cold. Wood shingles display an integration of traditional appearance along with modern efficiency.

Roofing shakes are an excellent choice because they are ecologically sustainable. In that regard, they are suitable for homes in new developments with high aesthetic requirements and historic homes. In addition, cedar shakes can last up to 30 years when made using high-quality materials. The modern technology in split cedar shake has made these products not only resilient but also have the power to prevent the outbreak or spread of fire.


Durable Protection and Style for South Florida Homes

Wood shingle and shake roofs have numerous advantages for homes in Miami, FL. However, you need a specialized installation service to maximize your investment’s value. A professional in roof installation, for instance, will guarantee that you gain from:

  • Sufficient airflow: Florida homes require proper ventilation to dry the structures. And that’s why you should hire an expert roofing contractor to handle potential ventilation issues.
  • Ability to withstand weather conditions: Given the frequent extreme weather events in South Florida, having the greatest roof is a surefire way to keep your family safe.
  • A gorgeous home: Wood Shingles come in various types. Getting the proper roofing services from an experienced roof installation is the best way to guarantee that your home will seem precisely how you envision it.
  • High durability: A properly installed shingle roof can survive for many years. A&E Brothers Roofing in Miami offers products of outstanding quality that are remarkably durable and strong.


Shake & Shingle Style Options

Style option is another crucial factor when deciding between shake and shingles. Based on the appearance and performance, you have different styles to choose from, and these include:

  • Cedar Shingles: This type of shingle has a natural and tailored appearance, which makes it suitable for use in modern residential, non-residential, and traditional structures.
  • Fire retardant cedar shakes and shingle fire retardant shake: Provides maximum fire protection by applying pressure to the fire retardant polymers into the inner layer of the cells of cedar shakes for category C or B shakes and shingle roof structure and class A shake roof systems.
  • Hand Split and Resawn Shakes: Offers permanent fire safety by pressure-impregnating fire retardant polymers of the shingle roof structure and category A shake roof system and the inner layer of the cells of cedar shakes for categories C or B.


New Shake Roof Installation Financing

A financial obstacle may occasionally prevent you from replacing or installing a new roof on your property. That’s why A&E Brothers Roofing in Miami has collaborated with various financial institutions to give you the flexibility you require to complete your roofing project. Our financing options are convenient, quick, and easy due to minimum qualification requirements.

Aside from that, there is no up-front cost. Therefore, it provides the best financing option for expensive house improvements like roofing. We aim to give you the flexibility and peace of mind you need to replace or install a new roof in your home.


Professional Shakes Roof Installation in Miami & South Florida

A&E Brothers Roofing has extensive experience in shake roof installation. We have served the residents of South Florida for more than 50 years, intending to give the residents the best client experience. Regardless of the scale of the job, we strive to deliver the highest quality craftsmanship, the best materials on schedule, reasonable budgets, and affordable costs in every roofing project.

Additionally, we provide emergency roof services throughout South Florida. Contact us today to learn more about how we can make your home look amazing. You can also request a free roof estimate.


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