Roofing Services in South Florida

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Looking for premier roofing services in South Florida? Browse a full list of our roofing services at A&E Brothers Roofing to discover how we can assist you in your roofing needs. From an affordable cleaning to a full roof replacement project, turn to the fastest growing roofing company in your area for unbeatable results and reliable protection.

Roof Cleaning in South Florida


Dirt, branches, and debris can accumulate on your roof. Over time, this causes mold, algae, and moss to grow. Whether you have a flat commercial roof or a sloped residential one, we thoroughly clean your roof to protect your investment. This affordable preventative maintenance task extends the lifetime of your roof and gives our team a great opportunity to inspect every inch of your roof.

South Florida Roof Repair


Explore our residential roof repair or our commercial roof repair services to see how you can restore your roofline and your peace of mind. A damaged roof can create major headaches when water leaks into your building. We patch, seal, and replace all types of roofing materials to keep your building safe in South Florida.


Roof repairs offer you a chance to save money on your roof maintenance. Whether you have a few missing shingles or a large leak in your commercial roof, our repair services allow you to continue to enjoy leak-free protection without investing in full replacement services.

Sheet Metal Fabrication in South Florida


Sheet metal installation can be a time-consuming process if your roofing team needs to custom-order sheet metal. We’re equipped with the state-of-the-art tools necessary to fabricate custom sheet metal products for your roof. Select galvanized, copper, stainless steel, or other metal products to cover your building.

South Florida Roof Waterproofing


Commercial roofing materials wear out over time. As your materials wear down, they may lose their waterproofing. A waterproof membrane adds an additional layer of protection to your flat roof. A waterproof service is more affordable than a complete replacement, so invest in this process to extend the life of your commercial roof. If you have a leak in your commercial roof, explore waterproofing services before considering a full replacement project.

Roof Audit


Are you managing multiple commercial buildings? It can be difficult to balance all the roof maintenance and repair tasks. Use our roof audit service to enjoy comprehensive inspections and recommendations for multiple properties. We inspect all your roofs in South Florida and offer a single, easy-to-access audit to manage and maintain all of your roofs through our full-service company.


Once you receive your roof audit you can determine what must be done to keep your commercial properties maintained. Monitoring and scheduling roofing services are far more convenient after a roof audit.

South Florida Roof Replacement


Every roofing material has a maximum lifetime. After 10, 15, 20, or more years of successful protection, it may be time to replace your existing roof material. Request a commercial or residential quote for a full roof replacement service by A&E Brothers Roofing.


Discuss your existing roofing material and any other options for your location. Sloped roofs can use wood shingles, asphalt shingles, or metal, while flat roofs can enjoy EPDM, PVC, and other professional material options. We don’t just replace roofs with the existing material but can remove and change the material used for your roofing to enjoy unique advantages.

Types of Roofs We Service


Explore the range of roofs we service to see why we are your premier provider of commercial roofing and residential solutions in South Florida.


Here are just a few common projects we take on and finish with the best materials and experienced contractors:


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