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Modified Bitumen (MB) Roofing is the natural successor to the long-trusted built-up roofing (BUR) systems that have sheltered commercial buildings and home roofs alike for well over a century. Though MB roofing wasn’t invented until 1960, it’s since become one of the most popular commercial roofing solutions in the United States and many other places worldwide.

It’s a durable, versatile, and reliable solution to modern roofing needs and is hard to beat in minimal upkeep. A & E Brothers Roofing is here with all the details about modified bitumen membrane roofing systems, so you can rest easy knowing you’re making the best decision for your business upgrades.

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The Basics of Bitumen Roofing


Above all else, MB roofs are built to withstand harsh environmental conditions. They accomplish this by utilizing a system of layers, the same system used by BURs for over 100 years. 


However, MBs add a new twist to this system by topping it off with either a durable polymer layer or another durable cap that gives the whole system additional weather resistance and durability, a must for commercial roofs in Miami. The framework is a basic one and utilizes five unique layers to accomplish excellent results, but it’s a tried and true one that’s been proven to work for buildings of most shapes and sizes.

The Five Layers of Bitumen Roofing


The Bitumen Roofing system uses five key components to craft its unique, layered protection. These include:


    1. Insulation: provides the thermal resistance of the roof system to maximize efficiency
    2. Modified Base Sheets: specialized roofing felt that contains asphalt and serves as the base for other layers.
    3. Modified Bitumen Membranes: the part that sets MB roofs apart from BURs, factory-fabricated membrane, sheets made of specialized co-polymers, and fiberglass or polymer reinforcements.
    4. Adhesives: ties the entire system together and provides waterproofing to the roof, applied through various methods.
    5. Surfacing: the finishing touch, protects from UV rays that might otherwise deteriorate the other layers.

Each of these layers serves a specific and vital purpose within the roofing system. From thorough weatherproofing to reliable and efficient insulation, each layer provides a critical protection aspect to roofs in Miami, FL.

The Application Methods of Bitumen Roofing


Another unique feature of layered Modified Bitumen Roofing systems is that many application methods can impact their cost and their overall performance. These fit into three basic categories, which include:


    • The “hot-mop” method
    • The torch method
    • The cold-process method


The hot mop method is the same process used to apply BURs. It involves pouring hot adhesives such as asphalt over the various layers to pull and hold all the system’s various components together. This is the standard application process and offers predictable, reliable results. However, the price may be higher because the cost of involved materials such as petroleum can vary wildly.


The torch method involves melting asphalt by hand, rather than pouring it onto the roof pre-melted. This provides more consistent coverage and provides even better results than the standard hot-mop method. However, it can be even more expensive than the hot mop method, as it requires more hands-on work from your roofing team. 


Finally, cold process methods are among the newest options for these roofing types. Unlike the other two methods, they don’t use asphalt or other volatile organic compounds (VOCs) to bring the MB roof layers together. Instead, the cap comes in a large roll with its built-in adhesive. 


The roofer peels away a protective layer and then adheres to the sheet into place on top of the other layers. It’s a newer method but offers a “greener” experience than the other application processes.

The Benefits of MB Roofing Systems


When you choose to invest in a new modified bitumen roofing system from a roofing contractor in South Florida, you’ll be investing in a wide range of benefits. Some of the most significant advantages of choosing an MB system over others include:


    • Trustworthy, proven performance
    • Better waterproofing than many other options (critical in FL weather)
    • A variety of surfacing options to customize each installation to your needs
    • Different application methods offer an array of benefits
    • Unbeatable tensile strength
    • May provide higher efficiency levels than other roofs with the right insulation
    • Reasonably priced compared to other options
    • Can be designed to withstand wind, rain, hail, and even fire
    • Flame-free and VOC-free installation methods available

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