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Invest in a quality Miami metal roofing service today with A&E Brothers Roofing. Our steel metal fabrication services offer you the full advantages of a sheet metal roof, custom solutions, and low prices on metal roof costs thanks to our in-house fabrication services.

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    Benefits of Metal Roofing in Miami, FL


    A steel roof offers several benefits. Find out how our skilled sheet metal contractor can provide these and other advantages:

    Improved Energy Efficiency

    Compared to asphalt shingles, metal roofing is far more energy-efficient. Expect to pay up to 25% less for your cooling costs by switching to reflective metal roofing.

    Reduced Environmental Concerns

    Metal roofing is fully recyclable, and most sheet steel is made in part from recycled content. Compare this to asphalt shingles, which are typically sent straight to a landfill.

    Increased Fire Safety

    Wood shingles and some other roofing materials are fire-resistant, but can still be fuel for a fire. Metal roofing won’t ignite even from a lightning strike or wildfire, improving your commercial or residential building’s overall fire safety.

    Durable Protection

    A metal roof is capable of withstanding extreme impacts, high winds, heavy rains, and years of direct UV rays without compromising your roofline. This rugged material is an excellent option for long-lasting protection.

    Long-Lasting Performance

    Compare the lifespan of metal and asphalt shingles to see why a steel roof is a great investment. Expect your metal roofing to last up to 70 years, compared to the 20 years of most asphalt shingles.


    Roofing sheet metal can be used for most commercial and residential applications. Discuss your specific project and have a roofing expert inspect your location before confirming that a metal roof is right. You don’t have to have an existing metal roof to enjoy this high-quality material but ask about a re-roofing project.



    Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication in Miami South, FL


    Our innovative sheet metal workshop allows us to create ideal sheet metal thickness from our metal stock. This allows our sheet metal engineering team to create our custom materials to match your roof and unique project. By storing raw materials rather than finished roofing materials, we can reduce the cost of our sheet metal installation and repair services.


    We create steel roofing, custom gutters, and flashing materials to keep your roof protected in a serious storm. Enjoy years of hassle-free protection with minimal maintenance thanks to our state-of-the-art facility.


    Custom sheet metal allows you to enjoy a custom roof for your unique application. If you have an irregular roofline or wish to use a specialty material or color for your new roof, other roofing contractors may have to wait for special-order components. This stalls your roofing project and can increase the cost of the service. On the other hand, our team is always ready to fabricate custom metal components for your roof.



    Common Types of Metal Roofing


    Many alloys can be used for rooftop sheet metal. Here are just a few standard options we offer to residential and commercial properties in south Florida:


      • Aluminum
      • Stainless steel
      • Galvanized
      • Copper


    There are pros and cons to each type of metal, so discuss your steel roofing needs with our team to arrive at the best solution. Whether you require a single sheet to match your current roof for a residential roof maintenance service or full commercial roof construction, we have the facilities, materials, and expertise you require.



    Schedule a Fabrication or Metal Roofing Service in Miami, FL From A&E Brothers Roofing


    Enjoy a quality metal roof today from A&E Brothers Roofing. Enjoy cutting-edge residential and commercial sheet metal work to patch, maintain, or replace your existing roof.



    Contact us today to request a quote and get started on your Miami metal roofing project. A&E Brothers roofing company serves locations across South Florida, including the Miami-Dade area, South Beach, Fort Lauderdale, and more. Create a stunning rooftop that keeps your home or commercial building free from leaks and costly maintenance services for years to come.



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    Alina Rodríguez
    Alina Rodríguez
    I used A&E Brothers to redo my roof 4 years ago and I just used them again to do my fathers duplex. I have also recommended them to a couple of friends they have been pleased. They are professional , honest and no hassle company. They do a great job in an accurate and timely manner. It is hard now days to find a company like them.
    Joan Vargas
    Joan Vargas
    Between office staff Dulce, Reinaldo and Eddie they made this procedure smooth and walked me thru each step...Reinaldo was always available for every call and assisted me to the end...Eddie inspected and always checked the quality of the job for me...and explain any questions I had...this company is professional and straight forward...most important...THEY KEEP THEIR WORD AND SCHEDULE AS PROMISE. The only one that moves fast and completet the job in a short time...impressive.!..thank you Manny and Joan
    Suleman J
    Suleman J
    If you have been searching for a 5 star roofing company this is it. No job is small for A&E Brothers, always on time every time. I have used many roofing companies for my rental portfolio but this is the best which comes through in the end. They have helped me close out open permits, violations, inspections which other licensed companies left open and of coarse got paid. Thank you very much Eddy and his brother Andurys along with a team leader Dulce, Rosa and too many to mention.
    Nicolas Creus
    Nicolas Creus
    Beyond impressed and satisfied with John at A&E roofing. Delivered a fair proposal, exactly what I needed -- nothing more -- like others that came by and tried to make me pay for more than what I needed. He also recommended a guy for stucco work and I am very happy with that job as well. Very professional service, very hard to find people like this in Miami. 10/10 recommend!
    laura vazquez
    laura vazquez
    Excelent work
    Christina Garcia
    Christina Garcia
    They quickly came to assess area that was leaking. Provided reasonable quote the next day. Repaired leak within 2 weeks of assessment. All the time, quickly replying to messages and questions I had. Licensed and responds to work they guaranteed. Second time using them - different area.
    Gina Ferrer
    Gina Ferrer
    A&E Brothers Roofing is currently doing another roof for me. They are the only roofing company I would use. They are professional, reliable and have very reasonable prices. The owner and all the staff are amazing! They did an exceptional job on the last roof they did for me two years ago. They always answer any questions that I have, explain everything from start to finish and always answer quickly. The work they do is incredible. I received many compliments from the neighbors on the last roof they did and on the current one as well. Exceptional company!
    I hired A & E Brothers Roofing for roof replacement. The company is very professional and job was done in the time promised. Their quote was well under others. The workers were very courteous and they always cleaned up at the end of the day. They even asked me for my exterior house paint and did touch up. Dulce in the business office took care of hoa approval and permitting process and made sure things moved along smoothly. I would highly recommend A & E brothers Roofing.
    Raquel Fumero
    Raquel Fumero
    YOUR COMPANY PERFORMED a tremendous and beautiful job, I highly recommend A & E roofing, finally my roof was fixed completely after 30 years of waiting for a real roofing company, I am very happy , Reynaldo was inspecting the jobsites all the time to be sure the job was done properly, the crew was very professional and very dedicated to do a great job, again, THANK YOU,
    Dania Romeu
    Dania Romeu
    Excellent work, professional, attentive, capable of specifying any detail. Very pleased and grateful for your excellent work in our condominium.

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    “”Great, great, great company. As a GC I’ve worked with many roofing companies and had the pleasure of A&E Brothers roofing to fix my own roof at my home. The professionalism and care they put into their work is second to none. I highly recommend anyone looking for any roofing job to contact A&E. Extremely quick, profesional and great work. Thank you!””
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