Emergency Roof Repair

Emergency Roof Repair. Receive rapid emergency roofing repairs of your roofing material today with quality leak and roof repair services by A&E Brothers Roofing. Whether you have a major leak in your commercial roof or minor flashing damage around your home, discover how our emergency roof repair in Miami and South Florida can restore your property and protect it from water damage.


Our 24-Hour Emergency Roof Leak Repair Commitment


Emergency situations can’t wait until business hours. If you experience roofing damage or notice roofing damage after office hours, don’t hesitate to contact our team. We provide both residential and commercial roof repair services and can handle any emergency roof situation.



If you wait for another roofing company to open their doors, your minor leak may have caused significant damage throughout your building. Water running inside the walls of your home or business location can damage drywall and insulation. It can even increase the risk of electrical fire or other interior hazards.

Explore roof repair Miami 24 hour emergency roof repair near me. As South Florida’s fastest-growing roofing company, we’re committed to providing commercial repair and residential repair services whenever you need them.


Comprehensive Inspections and Estimates


When you contact our 24-hour emergency roof repair team, we’ll send a qualified roofing team to your location. After a careful inspection of the condition of your roof, we provide an estimate for the recommended roof repair services that prevent additional water damage and keep your property protected.


Don’t let the roofing bill surprise you. We help guide you through the process and discuss the estimated cost and timeline to ensure there aren’t any hidden fees or other issues. A detailed estimate comes from a detailed inspection of your roof, so don’t trust an instant quote from an inexperienced roofing contractor that hasn’t visually inspected the issues with your roof.


Quality Repairs on All Roofing Materials


Enjoy roof leak repairs that use the best materials and the highest quality of workmanship in the Miami area. The best roof repairs use the correct materials to thorough seal your roof from any future water or wind damage. Here are just a few materials we use to restore your commercial or residential roof:

  • Asphalt shingles
  • Wood shingles
  • Tile
  • Metal
  • BUR
  • TPO
  • EPDM
  • PVC


Some homes or businesses have multiple materials. If you have a roof that’s partially shingled and partially steel or another material, we’ll work with you to inspect and repair both materials with industry-leading quality.


Not all materials are applicable to every roofing situation, so we discuss the pros and cons of each one regarding your specific roof.


If your roof requires a full replacement service, discuss replacement opportunities. You don’t need to settle for the same material you’ve always had, so ask about upgrading to metal roofing or the latest in flat roofing technology.

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    Residential and Commercial Capabilities


    Our emergency roof leak repair service covers a wide range of projects. Choose A&E Brothers Roofing if you need one or more of these services:


    • Shingle repair
    • Tile roof repairs
    • Flashing replacement
    • Commercial roof sealing
    • Flat roof patching
    • Commercial or residential roof leak detection


    You may not realize you need an emergency roof repair service. Consider scheduling a routine inspection for our roof leak detection services. Spotting a leak is the first step to finding emergency roof repair near me. Maintain your roof by preventing leaks before they are large enough to create noticeable issues inside your building.


    Ask about routine maintenance solutions to prevent another emergency. We handle routine inspections and minor repairs in addition to major roofing projects. No task is too small or our commercial and residential team. Even if you see a single loose shingle or crack forming on your flat roof, it may be a sign that you need maintenance services.


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    Turn to A&E Brothers Roofing for all your roofing needs.

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    “Great costumer service and professionalism. Needed an emergency roof repair and they did everything possible to accommodate my needs. Estimate and repair was completed within 48 hrs.”
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